My little life is all fucked up, my psyche is in disarray.
...also my computer is down. Hence the utter lack of me online for quite some time now, and probably for some time in the future as well. Josh ordered a screen for his laptop, and I sent mine off to the neighbor's tech guy so hopefully this will be remedied before too long.

I want to write a whole epic entry, but the library computers have an hour-per-day time limit and I'm already 40 minutes into it, and as much as I'm hating writing on paper right now I hate not having a hard copy far more, so. Blarg. XP

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My tweets
  • Wed, 18:03: Today: EDD and Necromance. Sounds like ever so much effort with the Orb looming overhead :P
  • Thu, 02:32: At AI waiting for Josh, kind of amazed at how much I don't mind being here

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  • Tue, 18:05: Want nicotine but walking to the gas station right now sounds horrible
  • Tue, 18:06: (Also I'm making a concentrated effort to stay out of the sun until bats day...feel faintly ridiculous but fuck it)
  • Tue, 18:20: Hurm. Sunscreen, gas station, HIMYM finale, journal, possible productivity once the Orb recedes. A Plan. Kinda.
  • Tue, 18:24: ...huh. About to test this theory, but I think I've lost enough weight in my feet that my GIR flats aren't painful anymore
  • Tue, 18:25: Stompyboots they ain't, but they've gotta be better than battered Chucks with a skirt...
  • Tue, 18:41: RT @TFLN: (731): He started using my brother's rc helicopter as a beer delivery device. He's a drunk McGyver.
  • Tue, 19:31: Oh god, Marshall drunk at the ATM machine... That was me at Pleasure Island XD
  • Tue, 20:11: ...maybe slightly embarrassed at my reaction to that ending. >_> ...*does surreptitious happy dance*
  • Tue, 21:03: I love how everyone has advice on the shit where I already know what I'm doing, and none on the shit where I could use some bloody input
  • Tue, 21:04: Also, where the hell are my cousin and uncle getting their numbers on teachers' salaries? o_O
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  • Mon, 18:38: GR office take...4? 5? Mrr. :P
  • Tue, 04:23: ...okay, so while I may be feeling a bit less vindictive toward Nicole...I'm still not exactly sympathetic to her self-created plight :P

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  • Sun, 20:34: I really want to figure out how to make nowdothis work for me because I love the idea...but I'm bad at thinking about one thing at a time
  • Sun, 21:03: So yeah. Still ridiculously sane, hopeful, etc... And weirdly the Sailor Moon ep we just watched ties into this PERFECTLY XD
  • Sun, 21:04: Also hi guys, if this holds out I'm probably gonna be spamming Twitter once again. Sorry?
  • Mon, 04:50: Walked to grocery & back, got stuff for either spinach artichoke dip or spinach alfredo...want more productivity but fuck it, its Sunday :P
  • Mon, 05:53: I really want to smoke a bowl, make a sandwich and watch SPN but if I attempt that Josh will show up. If I wait for him he'll be hours. :P
  • Mon, 05:56: RT @Johnny_C: Carry yourself with enough confidence and people don't even notice the corpses your pushing around in the grocery cart.
  • Mon, 05:58: Just discovered @johnny_c ... Perfect? No. Better than I ever would have thought a Twitter from Johnny's POV could be? Hell yeah. :D

Mkay so...
I've just discovered that, no matter how shitty my mood, it's near physically impossible to sing along with this and not be smiling by the end.

The louder you sing, the more true it is. XD

So that means I still need tooooo...
--Go to the mall. Gaga shirt, two mugs, leather bracelets/cuffs. Should be about $40, conservative estimate, no tax.
--Go to NoHo. Weed & edibles. $34 minimum plus bus fare, preferably another $10-20 for Scooby snacks, $10-20 for chocolates if I can find someone to pick up for me.
--Hit a smoke shop. $10-20 for cigarette holder, I have no idea on a piece. I don't think I can drop more than $20 on it.
--Get an SD card. No more than $30.
--Check on Who (but really I think it's's done, I'm not gonna find omgtheperfectone at Best Buy, good enough).
--Finish mix, card, chart, book, organize & hide all meal ingredients, organize Easter basket, decide final order, wrap.

And still want to:
--Go to Chik Fil A
--Look for Blue Planet
--Hit Michael's. Wire, crystal, book/card/chart supplies. Have a $7 return card, maybe another $10 on top of that?
--Go to Aura Vital. Don't think I'd want to spend more than $20 here.

And, depending on which of those happen, probably return a couple things to Ross. Hangers come to mind.

*Takes deep breath* ...okay. Very nearly to the end of this. Fucking whirlwhind hour at Downey Landing and...I honestly think I could massage the pile I have to add up to 25, but there's a few things I'm still absolutely insistent on. But so far we have...

Un. Breakfast
Deux. Picnic lunch
-- Nicole is in charge of this. I have the champagne, must remember to take it. Also glasses.
Trois. Easter basket -- Still need edibles (chocolates and cookies) and piece.
Quatre. See's Candy
Cinq. Fashion Babylon
Six. Principles of Astrology
Sept. Dirty English
Huit. Cake
-- Have ingredients, just need to make.
Neuf. Mix -- Still need SD card. Of course the decently-priced one listed on BB's website wasn't in the store. I'll settle for an 8G if I must, but really want 16 or 32.
Dix. Fossil...thing
Onze. Frying pan
Deuze. Scarf
Treize. Scarf
Quatorze. Classic Who DVDs
-- Need to check whether the one I settled on is actually decent. I forgot the classics are sold by serial, not season, and I didn't see any First Doctor ones. Mrr.
Quinze. Paris trunk
Seize. Cobalt drinking glasses
Dix-sept. Hanging jar one
Dix-huit. Hanging jar two
Dix-neuf. Wooden hangers
Vingt. Candy bunny
Vingt et un. Massive peanut butter egg
Vingt-deux. Card
-- Still need to make. Oh, procrastination.
Vingt-trois. Chart -- Same.
Vingt-quatre. Picture frame -- Currently in Nicole's possession.

Still really want:
--Bracelets/cuffs: Simple ones from Next, awesome one from the place just outside Next
--Cigarette holder
--Piece (though it's getting downsized by the moment; I was originally considering even a small bong, now it's anything for ten bucks?)
--Lady Gaga shirt, on clearance at Hot Topic
--Cobalt birthday mug from Spencer's
--'What the fuck happened last night?' mug from Spencer's
--SD Card
--Edibles end with a bang.

Still really like:
--Not an absolute necessity, but uh...I actually really want to see Blue Planet, soooo...
--Chik Fil A gift card still amuses me. A lot. Even a ten-dollar one...
--I also still rather like the idea of a bound book. Even just a small one (which is what the tute I have is for anyway) with an interpretation of his chart.
--If I can get to Aura Vital I do like the idea of a magick kit, even if it's not in a nifty box. Maybe I just want an excuse to go to Aura Vital.
--I should really just do a damn lighter wrap. It's simple enough and he'd probably rather like it.

Still possible fillers but uh, we totally don't need anymore fillers:
--Sewing stuff
--Bowtie (only care about this anymore if I could actually find a fez)

The List, parte neuf.
I considered just editing the original post, but I kind of like being able to trace the progression, and well, I'm a virtual hoarder and what if I need to see the original post the way it is? So here we go. I'll probably edit this one as I get stuff. Maybe.

Stuff I have in bold and numbered in French, because that's how I'm going to do it when I set up the hunt.

Un. Fashion Babylon

Deux. Principles of Astrology

Trois. Easter Basket -- Not quite done. Have basket, grass, some plastic eggs, a few little toys that were a quarter apiece at Party City, one of those birthday tiaras which I'm hoping I can fit onto the handle to top it off. Need candy in three varieties (basic, awesome, full of cannabis), edibles from District if I can afford them (their cookies are bloody $12 but really pretty and would look great in the basket) piece... I have a couple packs of lighters lying about, those can go in. Needs a candy bunny.

Quatre. Dirty English cologne

Cinq. See's Candy

6. Cake -- Going with the cherry amaretto cheesecake because I think chocolate lava is a little more time-sensitive and would need to be made, then served fairly immediately. Ingredients list made out... Jesus, this is more effort than I thought. Uh, I'll manage. Probably be easiest to get Nicole or Elvira to take my grandmother and I to the grocery store.

7. Mix -- Finish compiling, get SD card.

8. Something shiny -- Goodwill, Claire's, etc.

9. Something leather -- Same, maybe also hunt for sales at Fossil/Wilsons. Would really like to get at least preliminary ideas for these two this afternoon.

10. Cigarette holder -- Mind's Eye for this, easter basket piece, and assorted fillers. Really want Nicole on this one because the two of us in the Mind's Eye could probably end up filling out half the list.

11. Card -- Get cardstock, make. Or buy. I'm getting lazy.

12. Chart -- This needs to at least start happening tonight. I discovered a couple things I can return to Michael's, so I should probably go do that and buy the paper for it this afternoon.

13. Sewing stuff -- Tube not held together largely by tape, pattern paper, pins, maybe thread & feet. That last might require stealing his box for a bit to figure out which ones he already has. Whole thing might require a trip to NoHo, but it's not like it's the only thing on this list that does. Still not sure how good an idea this is for how much it could end up costing.

14. Bowtie -- Really hoping to find one at Goodwill. Uh, maybe I should figure out where the hell else one might buy a bowtie. I'm guessing department stores are a solid option. I also really, really like the idea of getting a bowtie, a Stetson and a fez and seeing how long it takes him to get the joke, but that's probably too much effort at this late date.

15. Frying pan -- Either Ross or Marshall's has them between $12 and $16. Ross, I think. Just need to get over there with some cash.

16. Scarf -- Marhsall's.

17. Zombie Boy .gif -- This should probably happen tonight; it's way easier than I'm making it out to be.

18. Trippy life-the-universe-and-everything DVDs -- I'm thinking maybe Down The Rabbit Hole because it's probably cheaper than a series and he likes a bit of pseudoscience on occasion, but Blue Planet sounds fucking amazing. Scour used used racks still exist? Is there still an FYE in Montebello mall? Does FYE still exist? o_O

19. Gift card to Chik-Fil-A -- Mostly for amusement value.

20. Paris trunk from Ross

21. Bottle of X-Rated with birthday cake topper

22. ecard drinking glasses

23. We are counting breakfast as an item. I actually rather like the idea of packing it to go since he has to catch the 6:28 bus, with a little 'un' stuck on top and he doesn't find out why until after class.

24. At which point we kidnap him with a picnic lunch. Deux.

25. D&G shoes -- Make sure that he'll still be able to get them, then figure out where he can do so and get a giftcard to there, as well as a shoebox to wrap it in.

All of that's fairly set in stone. Here's the stuff that's becoming a little more up in the air:

--Ouija board: I'm just not sure I have the time, money or oomph for this. Ideally I'd be like, researching symbolism of different types of wood and shit but...yeah, I just don't think I can do this.

--Orrery -- Still a possibility. Keep it small, find a little motor, some scrap wood, I have a metric shitload of wire laying about the house... But it's likely too much effort for the payoff.

--Bound book -- Either horoscope for the year, spellbook, some combination of the two. I'm still fairly fond of this, perhaps I can research it a bit tonight while I'm working on his chart and see if it's something I can actually pull off.

--Magick box -- Ross has a really lovely box, (though it's slightly cracked on one side). Wouldn't be too hard to throw in some candles, a small tarot deck, maybe even a little chalice... Can probably also take some inspiration from this, though far less gothy.

--Ross also has really nice hanging glass jars done up with leather straps. Not sure he'd be that into them, though. Could just be that I'm into them.

--The hipsterlite bag disappeared, but I still really like the idea of a brown leather studded wallet/geek pouch/satchel. I'd rather find something brilliant in Goodwill or somewhere and stud it myself if necessary, but in the end this would probably require a trip to Fossil or somewhere. (Not that I ever really object to a trip to Fossil. >_>)

--One of the de la Renta scarves also disappeared (praying the other one does not follow suit), but scarves abound at both Ross and Marshall's. Think I need Nicole's discernment here 'cause I'm just staring at them all like, 'mmm, scarves.'

--Again if I find myself with an abundance of time and money (ha), the officer's cap, American Apparel jacket or purple leather jacket would all be amazing, particularly the cap. But really I'm supposed to be thinking easier, not harder.

Which brings us again to the fairly-realistic filler list. If all else fails:

--Liquor is always an option.
--So is handmade jewelry.
--Find a neat mug.
--Something cobalt blue.
--Something New Yorky, maybe.
--Attempt the Dalek hat.
--How much do classic Who seasons go for, anyway?
--Maybe a wire-wrapped crystal or lighter wrap.
--Wander Goodwill/99 Cent Store frantically.

Thoughts & inspiration from tumblr:
--Something like this or this could work as a card.
--Milk Carton gift boxes
--Laws of Modern man could probably make a pretty awesome little booklet.
--...while ecard glasses would be way more awesome than a book like I was originally thinking.
--Speaking of books, there's thisthis one</a> which is pretty much what I have in mind for the spellbook, and also these tiny ones which I could probably do something with.
--Mini beach. Cute but ultimately useless. Kind of like the idea of doing something like this in the aforementioned hanging jars, though.
--Mini terrarium necklace. Again, I think I'm far more into this than he would be.

Also need to plan breakfast and figure out the official order/notes/what day we're actually doing this.


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